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Aluminum CNC Machined Part

Quick Details1.CNC Machining Services Aluminum CNC Machined Part Capabilities 2.Material: aluminum, steel, brass ,plastic, carbon steel, nylon, PP3.Dimensions: according to customer’s drawing4.Surface

Product Details

CNC Machining Services Aluminum CNC Machined Part Capabilities 

1. Undertake all kinds of machining parts processing, customers need to provide drawings and samples

Machining center processing, CNC lathe processing, milling machine, grinding machine processing, wire cutting processing, drilling machine processing, etc.

2. Part surface treatment

(For example: common anodizing, hard anodizing, color anodizing, blackening, hard chrome plating, bright chrome plating, nickel plating, galvanizing, color zinc plating, steel HRC), not to undertake surface treatment business alone.

3. The number of processing is not limited, an order

(Proofing is usually more expensive than one-piece, but when the part is in mass production, we promise to return the sample price difference or refund the sample fee).

4. Common parts materials

(Examples: Metals: Copper, Aluminum, No. 45 Steel, etc.; Non-Metals: PE, PVC, ABS, POM, Nylon, Wood, etc.)

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