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CNC Machined Parts

CNC Machined Parts

Quick DetailsGood quality cnc OEM machined productsMachining Service, CNC Precision Machining, Aluminum Custom made red anodized cnc machining parts.We provide red anodized aluminum machining parts: 1

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Quick Details

CNC Machined Parts

1. How long can I get a quote?

Within 24 hours of obtaining your details (including drawings, materials, surface treatments, quantities, special requirements, etc.).

2. How to detect the quality of the sample?

Once the quotation is confirmed, the sample is free for you to test and the freight will be paid;

3. Sample cycle?

Under normal circumstances 25 ~ 30 days (including mold opening time) and express delivery to your company;

4. Batch production cycle?

Under normal circumstances, 30~45 days of receiving the advance payment;

5. The latest order quantity?

No limit, less workable;

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