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Dahe CNC ordering for all preparatory activities based packages to add vitality

Anebon Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 25, 2015

Based on 10 years steady development and accumulated data resources, set power of the machine tool industry, China's machine tool business network launched "the encyclopedia of suppliers issued" chip plans. As a good helper of the machine tool industry, the machine tool supplier Civilis was the vast numbers of buyers group reference.

All preparatory activities once started it won the attention of many people both inside and outside. Activities are carried out in full swing. At present, the number of support in our industry has reached 102 people, the accumulated funds had reached 55100, all preparatory activities are expanding, participants continued to rise. A few days ago, Ningxia yinchuan Dahe CNC machine tools Ltd (hereinafter "Dahe CNC") enthusiasm participated in all the preparatory activities and ordered 200 of base packages.