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Wuxi 33 NC Daren won skills champion

Anebon Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 25, 2015

In 2003, Fei Yuyin graduated from huaiyin to Faw Wuxi diesel engine works in CNC operation. "Master lead door, practice by individuals", once after 2 years old out of town on business, when processing workshop to test a space angle of injector hole, Fei Yuyin provoked, successful processing of finished products, "before that, I followed the master behind the operation, this is complete from beginning to end, give me a lot of confidence. ”Fei Yuyin free will to the library to read the mill, he said: "technological innovation with each passing day, don't study as soon as possible, keep up with trends. "With this're too superficialto, into the plant for nearly a decade, Fei Yuyin becomes only in numerical control system of the test surface, holes, surfaces, space hole in terms of skills, and CNC control system parameters, modules, functions, such as mastery of CNC operations masters, and mastered seven categories of workplace 15 CNC machining operations in the" password ".