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Basic Principles Of Fault Diagnosis Of CNC Machining Center

Anebon Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 25, 2015

When troubleshooting, should have the following principles:

1, external prior to in-house CNC machining center is mechanical, hydraulic and electrical integration of the machine, so the failure is inevitable, to reflect from the three reasons. When the NC machine tool failure later, maintenance staff should check each from the outside in. Avoid random acts of unsealing and removal, otherwise it will extend the fault makes machine tools hurt, loss of accuracy, reduced performance.

2, and first mechanical Hou electrical NC machine is a automation degree high, and technology complex of advanced processing equipment, mechanical fault compared easy found, however NC system fault of diagnosis is is difficulty compared big some, first mechanical Hou electrical is in NC machine of maintenance in the, first check mechanical part whether normal, trip switch whether flexible, started, and hydraulic of part have blocked of phenomenon,, in fault of maintenance zhiqian, first should note excluded mechanical sex of fault, often is can reached twice of effect of.