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How To Determine The Machining Allowance When Cutting?

Anebon Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 25, 2015

In NC wedm process design how to determine when the machining allowance? Determine EDM machining allowance in the following three ways.

(1) the look-up table method based on production practices and experiments have blank margin and various work processes process allowance data in manual. When the allowance is determined, can get the data you need from the manual, and then amended according to plant situation. Tabular data for nominal values in the table should be aware of when symmetric surfaces (bore) of machining is bilateral cushion asymmetric surface machining allowance is unilateral. This method is currently the most widely used.

(2) empirical estimation method, this method is based on practical experience machining allowance. To prevent waste arising from insufficient allowance, estimated values are always too big, this method only applies to single and small batch production.