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Machining A Simple Tool Holder On A Haas VF-E Milling Machine

Anebon Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Machining a simple tool holder on a Haas VF-E milling machine

7 tools used: 1.  2" diameter mill for facing 2.  .5" diameter mill for profile milling 3.  Center drill for "spotting" holes to be drilled 4.  .200" diameter drill 5.  5/16" diameter drill 6.  3/8-16 tap 7.  3/16" (.1875) end mill for cutting counterbore for a screw head to nest


This was a very simple part. I didn't use a CAM system, but wrote the G-code program directly onto the machine control . For more complex parts, I use MasterCam - usually version 9, but I'm learning version X4.

I only had two parts to make. If I had needed a larger batch of parts, there are several things I'd have done to make it run more efficiently.

Detailed video click: