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Main Application Of Automatic Lathe Parts

Anebon Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Main application of automatic lathe parts

The automatic lathe can reduce the physical labor intensity of the workers, shorten the auxiliary time, and can take care of multiple machines by one person, and the productivity is high. In recent years, the functions of international discharge machine tools have been continuously updated, and the industry has consistently developed towards precision and automation. The products are used in the processing of small and medium-sized metal parts, which is more labor-saving. For example, it can be used for fast wire cutting and slow wire cutting of various types of metal semi-finished products. In the field of machine, the progress has been remarkable. Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries have a large demand for various metal products and semi-finished products. The labor costs in these areas are low, the number of factories is large, and the demand for discharge machine tools is considerable. The industry pointed out that the demand for discharge machine tools in the Southeast Asian market is large, manufacturers should continue to strengthen research and development, improve machine performance, especially to strengthen precision and durability, and strengthen after-sales service. In addition, the use of computers to control the discharge machine is one of the directions that the industry is striving for.

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